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Welcome to Kent Refrigeration - keeping it cool for seventeen years

A full service refrigeration company, Kent Refrigeration provides quality refrigeration solutions to commercial clients in need of top-notch refrigeration products and services they can be sure of. As the premier name in refrigeration contractors in East Texas, you can always be sure you're getting the best value for your money here at Kent Refrigeration.

Located at 12520 A1 #131 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77077, we serve the needs of distributors and food processors throughout Houston and surrounding areas.

Kent Refrigeration was established in 2000 by Steven Johnston. He worked as a refrigeration specialist for a reputable company and decided to start his own business. After passing the Texas Air Conditioner and Refrigeration Texas State License test for Process Heating and Cooling, he officially started the business. Since then, he has been able to complete numerous projects for top industrial businesses in and around Houston, TX.

With over seventeen years of trusted service, Kent Refrigeration has established a reputation as the preferred refrigeration contractors in the areas covered. We provide high quality refrigeration East Texas specializing in commercial refrigeration system and service. Offering comprehensive services, our team of qualified contractors deliver excellent results that cater to your specifications and requirements. We have managed successful commercial projects and have worked with respected businesses in the industry.